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Chocolate Fountains & Other Event Equipment for Party Venues

  3-in-1 Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Another AMAZING Chocolate Fountain is now being introduced. You won't believe the price of this majestic 3-in-1 commercial chocolate fountain that sets up in three (3) different heights. It's like getting three fountains -- for the price of just one! Plus, once again combining reliability and dependability with style and function, this commercial chocolate fountain will set a new industry standard benchmark.

The Chocolate Fountain has specialized in high quality Commercial Chocolate Fountains since 2003, and has since added several other key banquet style equipment for use or rental, find smaller chocolate fountains, beverage fountains for cold and hot beverages, and movement solutions that will quickly and efficiently find dependable household Chocolate Fountains and other popular event equipment for hotels, country clubls, restaurants, banquet venues, and rental companies.

The Chocolate Fountain is happy to help you select a commercial or household chocolate fountain or other event equipment that will best meets your needs. We are happy to provide as much product information and training as you would like to ensure quick and successful set up, operation, tear down, and cleaning.

Chocolate Fountains: TCF offers commercial chocolate fountains for demanding environments, including a convertible Chocolate Fountain that offers three heights and three price points, that is sanitation certified! This fountain is ideal for banquet halls and catering sales applications. Dependable buffet or table top and household chocolate fountains are also provided.

Beverage Fountains: Beverage fountains, also called Champagne fountains and punch fountains continue to increase in popularity. Find numerous sizes and features, from 3 gallon capacity to 10 gallon capacity.

Hot Chocolate Dispensers:  Hot chocolate dispensers are a favorite among guests. Warm or piping hot, shipping chocolate provides an aromatic and delicious specialty beverage. Select from various sizes and color options.

Nansin Movement Dollies: Whether you need to move one item or many items, or conveniently store inventory or rental goods, we offer the perfect dollies that make this job effortless. Select from stand alone platform dollies to interlocking platform dollies to dollies with handles and brakes. Light weight and super silent, these dollies work beautifully in most any environment. Event and Catering managers can transport these dollies with ease and likewise, easily move goods to off site conventions, bridal expos, etc.

Confectionery Equipment: TCF, also known as "The Confectioner's Friend" specializes in confectionery equipment for Artisan and medium sized chocolatiers and chocolate and confection producers. Go to our online store to find a chocolate melters, chocolate tempering machines, enrobing machines and enrobing systems, plus cutters that include guitar cutters, force driven cutters, roller cutters for caramel and other dense foods, etc.  

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