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Chocolate Cooling Slabs

Light Weight Slabs for Cooling Chocolate

These inexpensive Chocolate Cooling Slabs are ideal for off-site or small production chocolate making and design worChocolate Cooling Slabk, and replace heavy marble with light weight food grade stainless steel. Traditionally, chocolate cooling slabs have been very difficult if not impossible to move from one room or location to another. Our Chocolate Cooling Slabs travel easily from location to location which makes them ideal for trade shows, fairs, teaching, off site demonstrations, and so one. This revolutionary stainless steel product does not have the porosity of marble, yet is much, much lighter, making these chocolate cooling slabs portable.

Chocolate Equipment Stays Colder 3 Times Longer

Make impressive desserts or chocolate designs or use on your buffet for ice sculptures and other catering buffet or off site applications. Foods will stay cool and fresh.

Select from two Chocolate Cooling Slab sizes; the Professional size or the Educational size that is somewhat smaller.  These Chocolate Cooling Slabs do not not require electricity. Place in your freezer until chilled, then remove and move the the location of your choice.

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