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Chocolate Melters

Chocolate Melters come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are a necessary component for melting and maintaining chocolate at a consistent temperature. CChocolate Melterhocolatiers dip confections, fill moulds and/or mannually temper chocolate with their Chocolate Melters. 

Depending on the type of chocolate you are using and if you need your chocolate to be in temper, as well as the quantity of melted chocolate you would like to have on hand, will determine the model of Melter that is best suited for you. We know that this can be difficult for new or aspiring Chocolatiers to determine which size or model to select, and are happy to discuss with you.

Chocolate Melters are temperature conChocolate Melterstrolled with a precise thermostat that are manually or digitally regulated and heated with dry heat or a fully sealed off water bath, allowing chocolate to be in its necessary state, ready for filling moulds, dipping confections, or chocolate decoration.

For chocolate decoration, select a Melter with 3-6 compartments to allow a variety of melted chocolate colors. For filling moulds, you will want to select a rectangular Chocolate Melter and consider a wheel to speed production.

Easy to Use •  Easy to Clean

Chocolate Melters are available in durable polycarbonate material or 100% stainless steel. Standard table top Melters weigh approximately 4 lbs. to 18 lbs. so  can easily move from location to location. Larger models transport easily with a rolling cart. Some come with add on options to integrate an enrobing belt, a chocolate vibrating table, etc.

Chocolate Melter Prices / Specs

Contact TCF at 512-201-4443 or Toll Free @ 877-777-6982 to learn more about our Chocolate Melters or other chocolate making equipment: chocolate tempering machinces, chocolate vibrating Tables, chocolate enrobers, etc.

What is a Chocolate Tempering Machine? 

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