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Chocolate Vibrating Machines

Machines for Removing Air Bubbles from Chocolate Molds

Chocolate Vibrating Machines play a major role in effectively removing unwanted air bubbles from your chVibrating Tables for Chocolateocolate molds, praline molds, and molded figurines. Molds, or molds, are placed on a chocolate vibrating table, shaking or vibraing the air bubbles out of the mold cavities, resulting in a perfect looking chocolate design.

Chocolate vibrating machines come with or without a grid, allowing molds to be positioned up or down, and can accommodat several moulds at one time. Chocolate vibrating tables can stand alone on your countertop or if you have an 'expandable system' such as a Dedy Moulding Machine or Mini Moulder, you can quickly add or remove your vibrating machine as desired.

Easy to Clean • Padded Surface to Reduce Noise 

Vibrating machinesVibrating Table can greatly speed up your production time, while also improving your end product for consistent, bubble-free chocolates.

Besides chocolate vibrating machines, TCF Sales provides a complete line of chocolate and confectionery equipment. Find chocolate melters, chocolate tempering machines, confectionery guitar cutters, cutters for caramel and hard to cut foods, moulding machines, enrobing machines, spinners, and much more. 

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