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High Quality / Low Cost Tempering Machines for Chocolate Making

Chocolate tempering machines by Dedy, DR, and Mol d'Art & others, come in a variety of configurations. From tabletop tempering machines to large melting and tempering kettles, we are happy to discuss options to find solutions that best meet your needs. Visit our Online Store to view chocolate and confectionery equipment.

Dedy Tempering Machines

The Dedy Mini-Moulding Machine is a table model (with optional rolling cart) with a capacity of about 23 kg chocolate, and is the ideal molding machine for chocolates, bars, hollow figures, tempering and for day-to-day confectionery and bakery needs. You can remove the tank and adjust the output of the chocolate by changing the speed of the chocolate wheel. The machine is fitted with a beautifully designed, practical housing, which can be closed completely. A perfect addition is the Dedy Vibration Table.

The TF20 Chocolate Tempering Machine is a 20 kg tempering machine, ideal for small to medium chocolate production and for chocolate decoration and fairs. Select various pan sizes and configurations, and optional cart with locking wheels to easily move and store your tempering machine.

Many confectionery schools teach chocolate tempering, using the Mol d'Art Tempering Machines. Economically priced, in four size configurations, use the Mol d'Art Melters to melt or temper chocolate. Light weight with stainless steel bowls and precise temperature control.

Mol d'Art  Melters & Tempering Machines

String Scraper for Mol d'Art and DR Tempering Machines

This optional String Scraper affixes to the corner of DR and Mol d'Art melters and tempering machines. Perfect for keeping tools clean and allowing chocolate to re-enter bowl.

For additional information on chocolate tempering machines, please go to our online store or contact us via email or telephone. We will be happy to help you!

What is a Tempering Machine?

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